Monday, December 6, 2010

A Huntin' We Will Go

Family fun frolicking in the snow this week-end while hunting for a Christmas Tree in the nearby National Forest.

Our oldest two granddaughters were part of the fun with Son #3, his wife and Son #4.

On arriving at the scene for action we were greeted by this specimen of Frosty's family…

We went armed with guns–Son #3 said the girls' father was dysfunctional because he did not send the girls' gun with them! On several Christmas Tree hunting trips the tree has literally been shot down! But this year the armed participates were not nearby, so Mr. Wonderful did the normal method of filling the tag and cut it down with a saw.

With three sleds we were able to swish down some hills sledding.

Arriving back at the trucks, we enjoyed the Munger Mob traditional Pepsi and fudge–two flavors this year: regular and mint, along with crackers, cheese, stuffed apple, caramel corn, Chocolate Chip Butter cookies, and hot chocolate.

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