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2010 Bible Bee-Junior/August

2010 Bible Bee August Junior Practice Test

1. We shouldn’t let anyone judge us simply be-cause of:
a. What we eat or drink, or religious activities.
b. What we wear or say.
c. The type of music we listen to.

2. What is found in Christ?
a. A shadow.
b. Eternal life.
c. The reality.

3. There were people in Colossae that:
a. Led others astray.
b. Worshipped angels.
c. Sold purple cloth.
d. Both a and b

4. Some of the people in Colossae had lost connection with what:
a. The times.
b. The Head.
c. Their relatives.
d. Self.

5. The basic principles of this world are:
a. Gravity, inclined planes, and pulleys.
b. More like guidelines, really.
c. Destined to perish with use.
d. None of the above.

6. Such regulations:
a. Have the appearance of wisdom.
b. Are very hard to keep.
c. Are actually what we should follow.

7. When did Paul write the letter to the Colossians?
a. On his first missionary journey.
b. Between his second and third journeys.
c. While in Rome.
d. When imprisoned in Jerusalem

8. When did Paul visit Colossae?
a. On his third missionary journey.
b. No one quite knows.
c. Probably never.
d. In 120 AD

10. What is being described in Col. 2:20?
a. Why do we conform ourselves to the world, when we are dead to it through Christ
b. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved
c. Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures
d. None of the above

11. What is being described in Col. 2:21?
a. Laws from God
b. Laws that man has made
c. The 10 commandments
d. Both a. and c.

12. What is false humility (voluntary humility, self-abasement, asceticism)?
a. Practicing self denial especially for spiritual reasons
b. Being obedient to all of God’s Word
c. To lower in rank, degrade
d. Both a. and c.

13. Can people brag about this kind of humility?
a. Yes
b. Not really
c. Maybe
d. No

14. Which animal’s characteristics are we to be like?
a. Serpent-wise
b. Dove-innocent
c. Ant- work
d. All of the above

15. Is there danger in listening to what people say and not checking it against God’s Word?
a. Yes
b. No
c. Maybe
d. I don’t know

16. What are some of the terms mentioned in Psalm 119:1-16 that refer to God’s Word?
a. Law of the lord
b. Statues
c. Thy word
d. All of the above

17. What did the psalmist NOT say about the Word and what he’ll do with it?
a. Walk in it
b. Have respect for it
c. Throw it away
d. Memorize it

18. What instruction did Paul give in Col. 2:16-17?
a. Let no man judge you
b. Let no man beguile you of your reward
c. Don’t keep living in the world as part of it
d. None of the above

19. What instructions did Paul give in Col. 2:18-19?
a. Let no man beguile you of your reward
b. Let no man judge you
c. Don’t keep living in the world
d. All of the above

20. What instruction did Paul give in Col. 2:20-22?
a. Don’t keep living in the world as part of it
b. Sing unto the Lord a new song
c. Follow all the world’s rules
d. None of the above

21. What does the word “grace” mean in Colossians 1:2
a. Divine influence on the heart
b. Divine influence on the mind
c. Divine influence on the body
d. Divine influence on the church

22. What does the word “faith” mean in Colossians 1:4?
a. Trust
b. Be persuaded, belief
c. Being a Christian
d. Knowing Jesus

23. What does Paul say the recipients will do according to Colossians 3:4?
a. Go to church in Ephras’ house
b. Sing songs and spiritual songs
c. Give thanks to God for everything
d. Appear with Him in glory

24. What was the Colosse church to do according to Colossians 3:24?
a. Give to the missionaries
b. Serve the Lord
c. Obey God’s commands
d. “die” to the world

25. “What does 1 Peter 1:3-25 say about God’s Word?”
A. That we are to meditate on it dayand night
B. That it isliving, enduring, abiding, and that it will remain forever
C. That it is useful to reprove,rebuke, and exhort us
D. That we need to pay attention,listen carefully to it

26. “Paul tells the Colossians that he has sent Tychicus to ________ (parakalese) them.”
A. Continue preaching to them
B. Start a home church
C. Warn them of the false teachers
D. Comfort or encourage them

27. “What passage talks about the wrath of God, and is a good across-reference for the wrath of God talked about in Colossians 3:6?”
A. Romans 1:18
B. Luke 1:17
C. 1 John 5:11
D. John14:27

28. According to Col. 3:1-4, what will help you choose not to let your wrong desires rule over you?
a. Setting your mind on things above
b. Memorizing the Bible
c. Praying for help
d. All of the above

29. What does key word “judge” mean?
a. To separate
b. To make fun of
c. To pick out
d. Both a and c

30. What does key word “shadow” mean?
a. A dark area on the ground
b. A sketch
c. An outline
d. Both b and c

31. What does key word “rudiments” mean?
a. The elements from which all things have come
b. What a cow does after eating
c. The universe
d. None of the above

32. What does key word “perish with the using” mean?
a. Destruction
b. Abuse
c. Misuse
d. All of the above

33. What does key word “honor” mean
a. Worship
b. Love
c. Reverence
d. None of the above

34. What does the key word “mind” mean?
a. Perceiving
b. Understanding
c. Judging, determining
d. All of the above

35. What does the key word “taste” mean?
a. Try
b. Partake
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above

36. What does the key word “be dead” mean?
a. Living
b. Roll over on the ground with your feet and hands in the air
c. Of eternal death- subject to eternal misery in hell
d. None of the above

37. What does the key word “handle” mean?
a. A classical composer
b. To hold
c. Do violence to, injure
d. Both b. and c.
38. What target are we to fix our eyes on?
a. Jesus
b. The straight in front of us
c. The brightly colored, newest gadget we want
d. The cross

39. What are some ways you can think about Christ more throughout the day?
a. Memorize Scripture and quote it during the day
b. Sing hymns
c. Pray
d. All of the above

40. How can you make sure that your thoughts and life are all about Him?
a. Give the glory to Him
b. Pray for wisdom, guidance
c. Take all the praise for yourself
d. Both a and b

41. What is Matt. 6:33 about?
a. Set your mind on things above
b. Seek first the kingdom of God
c. Seek the Lord while He may be found
d. Be careful what you look at

42. Where is Christ sitting?
a. The left hand of God
b. The right hand of God
c. The throne in heaven
d. On a cloud

43. What are some of the main topics cover in Col. 3?
a. Set your mind on things above
b. Put off the old, put on the new
c. Domestic duties
d. All of the above

44. Why should we set our mind on things above?
a. Because the wrath of God comes on the children of disobedience
b. Because it shows a beautiful picture of the relationship between Jesus and His bride the church
c. Because you we receive a reward of inheritance
d. Because your life is hid with Christ in God

45. What does Paul mean by the “things on earth”?
a. Lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, pride of life
b. Satan
c. The toys you have
d. Both a and b

46. What are some of the main topics covered in Rev. 19?
a. Worshiping God
b. Marriage feast
c. Jesus judging the earth
d. All of the above

47. What encouragement/ instruction are not from Col. 3:1-4?
a. Seek things which are above
b. Set your mind on things above
c. Love your neighbor
d. We will appear with Him in glory

48. What does the key word “mortify” mean?
a. To make dead
b. Slay
c. Deprive of power
d. All of the above

49. What does the key word “members” mean?
a. Parts of the body
b. People in a church
c. People in a club
d. Both b and c

50. What does the key word “blasphemy” mean?
a. Slander, to another’s good name
b. Be mean to someone
c. Sing songs
d. Act out a play

51. What does the key word “malice” mean?
a. Desire to injury
b. Anger
c. Wickedness that is not ashamed to break laws
d. Both a and c

52. What does the key word “old man” mean?
a. The grandpa age
b. The corrupt old self
c. The oldest male in the room
d. None of the above

53. What does the key word “renewed” mean?
a. Have energy
b. To cause to grow up
c. Get recharged
d. Blessed

54. What does the key word “put off” mean?
a. Make someone mad
b. Get in trouble
c. Put aside or away
d. None of the above

55. What does the key word “Barbarian” mean?
a. A person from a foreign country
b. A Jew
c. One whose speech is rude, rough and harsh
d. Both a and c

56. What does the key word “Scythian” mean?
a. Wildest of Barbarians
b. A gentile
c. A “holy” Jew
d. None of the above

57. What is the common thread in Col. 3:9, and Exodus 20:16?
a. Put off list
b. All lived in the flesh at one time
c. One in Christ
d. Don’t lie

58. What are some of the things we are to put on?
a. Kindness
b. Meekness
c. Gratefulness
d. Both a and b

59. What are you not put on?
a. Anger
b. Pride
c. Lying
d. All of the above

60. How does 1 Cor. 13 show us how to put on love?
a. With kindness
b. By not being proud
c. By not get provoked
d. All of the above

61. What is Col. 3:13 describing?
a. Forgive one another
b. Love everyone
c. Let the peace of God dwell in your hearts
d. Be full of thanksgiving

62. What does Col. 3:15 describe?
a. The put on list
b. Forgive one another
c. Let the peace of God rule in your hearts
d. To encourage and admonish each other

63. What does Col. 3:16 describe?
a. Let the word of Christ dwell in you
b. Love one another
c. The fruit of the Spirit
d. None of the above

64. What is one of the cross reference passages for Col. 3:12
a. Gal. 5:22
b. 1 John 1:1
c. Rev. 4:20
d. Rom. 5:28

65. What is one of the cross reference passages for Col. 3:14?
a. Matt. 6:14-15
b. Rom. 3:23
c. John 3;16
d. Jude 2

66. What is one of the cross reference passages for Col. 3:17?
a. Luke 2:2
b. Gen 1:1
c. Psalm 199:11
d. 1 Cor. 10:31

67. What is the best part the Bible Bee practices?
a. Meeting new friends
b. Studying
c. Game time
d. Snack time

68. Where is our life hidden
a. In God
b. With Christ in God
c. In the heavenlies

69. According to Galatians 2:20, We should live life by?
a. Faith in the Son of God
b. Grace
c. By the power of the blood
d. Prayer

70. Instead of giving people a “piece” of our ‘Old Nature’ we should give them________.
a. Jesus
b. room to be themselves
c. money
d. A Bible

71. According to Col. 3:18, whom is a wife supposed to submit to?
a. Her husband.
b. God.
c. Her kids.

72. According to 1 Cor. 11:3, a woman’s head is her husband, and his head is who?
a. His wife.
b. The church.
c. c. Christ.

73. Who does Col. 3:19 talk about?
a. Paul.
b. Husbands and wives.
c. You!

74. According to 1 Pet. 3:7, husbands and wives are what?
a. Heirs of the gracious gift of life.
b. Bound in the holy union of marriage.
c. Loving parents to their children.

75. Col. 3:20 says that what pleases the Lord?
a. Corporate worship in a proper setting.
b. Husbands and wives holding true to their wedding vows.
c. Children obeying their parents.

76. In both Col. 3:20 and Ex. 20:12, do the two Testaments agree about children’s behavior?
a. Maybe.
c. No.

77. According to Col. 3:21, why shouldn’t fathers embitter or provoke their children?
a. Because they will get discouraged.
b. Because that’s the mom’s job.
c. The kids will hate their dad forever.

78. What could slaves and masters of Col. 3:22 be compared to in today’s world?
a. Babysitters and kids.
b. Real slaves that some people still have.
c. Employers and employees.

79. Col. 3:23 and Eph. 6:7 say that whatever we do, we should do it:
a. Well and thoroughly, worthy of praise.
b. As unto the Lord, not just for men.
c. Fast, just to get the job done.

80. According to Col. 3:24, we should work unto the Lord because:
a. We will receive an inheritance.
b. Because the Bible says to.
c. Because it will be a lot of fun!

81. According to 1 Pet. 1:4, where is this inheritance now?
a. We already have it.
b. It is here on earth somewhere.
c. It is being stored for us in Heaven.

82. Who is being talked about in Col. 3:25?
a. Slaves.
b.Anyone who does wrong.
c. Christians.

83. Col. 3:25 and Duet. 10:17 agree that God:
a. Does not show favoritism.
b. Is the God of gods, and Lord of lords.
c. The One who deals out the judgment.

84. Why should earthly masters remember to provide for their slaves?
a. Because if they don’t, they’ll get sued.
b. Because they have their own Master who provides for them.
c. It’s just the right thing to do.

85. Who is more important in today’s world?
a. The employers.
b. The employees.
c. God, who is over all.

86. Who is Paul talking to in Col. 4:2?
a. The Colossian.
b. The Colossians, and through them us.
c. Timothy.

87. According to Luke 18:2, did Jesus care about pray enough to tell his disciples about it?
a. Yes!
c. A bit, but not much.

88. Who does Paul request prayers for in Colossians 4:3?
a. The Colossians themselves.
b. Those who have not believed.
c. Him and Timothy.

89. Acts. 14:27 shows us that Paul’s prays about what were answered?
a. God would allow him into Macedonia.
b. A door would be opened for him to preach to the Gentiles.
c. The salvation of the Philippian jailer.

90. In Col. 4:4 and Eph. 6:20, Paul prays that he will preach both:
a. Clearly and fearlessly.
b. Loud and excitingly!
c. Dry and in a scholarly way.

91. We’re to be what when approaching others, so as to make the most of any opportunity?
a. Friendly. b. Tolerant. c. Wise.

92. Who are mentioned in Col. 4:7-9?
a. Barnabas and Silas.
b. Tychicus and Onesimus.
c. Moses and Aaron.

93. According to Col. 4:10, what were the Colossians to do if Mark came to them?
a. Welcome him.
b. Stone him on sight.
c. Ban him from entering the city.

94. According to Col. 4:11, how many Jews were with Paul when he wrote this letter?
a. 4; Aristarchus, Mark, his cousin Barnabas, and Justus.
b. We’re not actually told.
c. 3; Aristarchus, Mark, and Justus.

95. What is Epaphrus doing in Col. 4:12?
a. Sending his greeting.
b. Wrestling in prayer for the Colossians.
c. Both of these things.

96. What places are mentioned in Col. 4:13?
a. Laodicea and Hierapolis.
b. Here and there.
c. America and Mexico.

97. Two men are mentioned in both Col. 4:14 and 2 Tim. 4:10-11. What happens to them?
a. Demas stays with Paul, Luke leaves.
b. Luke stays, but Demas departs.
c. They both die.

98. What were the Colossians to do with this letter after they had read it?
a. Destroy it by fire!
b. Preserve it in a museum.
c. Pass it on to Laodicea.

99. In Col. 4:17, Paul wants to make sure who does what God wants him to?
a. Archippus.
b. Demas.
c. Timothy

100. What is the last thing Paul wants the Colossians to do?
a. Pray without ceasing.
b. Remember his chains.
c. Send an offering to Philippi.

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