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2010 Bible Bee–Primary/June

Our Local Bible Bee Contest has a wonderful group of volunteers writing Practice Questions for the local contestants to practice with before the actual contest on August 26th.  I thought I'd share some of their hard work here for others to use. I'll post each age and monthly separately. One each for the next few days.

These are the June Primary Questions we've used.

1. What does “Inductive Bible study” mean?
    a. A study of the Bible
    b. An easy way to study the Bible
    c. A careful look at what is there, and
then use that specific information to draw a
    d. None of the above

2. Step 1 of an Inductive Bible study is the Aerial View. What is the Aerial View?
    a. The big picture
    b. Reading the book more than once to get the flavor of the author’s writing
    c. Taking your study guide and turning it into a paper airplane
    d. Both a. and b.

3. What is the purpose of Step 2-Street View?
    a. To go for a walk while memorizing Bible verses
    b. To witness to everyone on the street
    c. To take a closer look at the material being studied
    d. I can’t remember

4. What is the purpose of Step 3-Interview?
    a. To interview your pastor and anyone else who knows a lot about the book of Colossians to find out the answers to your questions.
    b. To get up close and personal in your study by dissecting each verse phrase-by-phrase, to see what is actually there.
    c. To get your older sibling to answer all the questions for you.
    d. To call up Bible Bee Headquarters and ask them what Step 3 is all about.

5. What is the purpose of Step 4- Room to Room?
    a. Getting to the heart of the text.
    b. Do each part of the study in a different room.
    c. It’s the Inside View.
    d. Both a. and c.

6. How is Step 5-Inside Out supposed to help you?
    a. Remind you to wear your clothes inside out
    b. To look under the rug before Mom inspects your job of sweeping the floor
    c. Under the rug. Make sure you know the original meaning of the words the author wrote.
    d. Getting to the heart of the text.

7. What is the purpose of Step 6-Crack the Case?
    a. Apply it to your life
    b. Finish the study
    c. Find out all the answers to the mystery (question)
    d. Open the Family Bonfire time up for discussion.

8. What does A.C.T. S. stand for?
    a. Apples, Carrots, Tomatoes, Spinach
    b. Acts, Colossians, Titus, Song of
    c. Answers, Confession, Truth,
    d. Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication

9. What is the Bible Bee say the focus verse(s) for the Book of Colossians is?
    a. Colossainas 1:13-23
    b. Colossians 1:4
    c. Colossians 4:13
    d. Colossians 2:1-18

10. What kind of literature is the book of Colossians?
    a. A story
    b. A letter
    c. A Parable
    d. A play

11. Who wrote Colossians?
    a. Paul
    b. Paul and the Holy Spirit
    c. Paul and Timothy
    d. Timothy

12. What does the word “apostle” mean?
    a. One of the 12 disciples
    b. A special person
    c. Someone who can write fancy sounding letters
    d. A special messenger chosen by God.

13. What does the word gospel mean?
    a. Good news
    b. The life of Jesus
    c. The New Testament
    d. The Bible

14. What did Paul know about Epaphras life?
    a. He was a fellow missionary
    b. He founded/ started the Colosse church
    c. He was a faithful pastor
    d. All of the above

15. How many miles (approximately) was Rome from Colosse?
    a. 500+ miles
    b. 50+ miles
    c. 1,000+ miles
    d. 1,700+miles

 16. According to Colossians 4:3, Paul was in _____ when he wrote the book.
    a. A garden
    b. A fellow believer’s house
    c. A restaurant
    d. Chains / bonds

17. What does Paul tell us of the recipients in Colossians 1:4?
    a. They have faith in Jesus
    b. They love the city
    c. They honor their parents
    d. They like Colossal-sized pizza

18. What does Paul tell us of the recipients in Colossians 2:5?
    a. They have an enduring hope
    b. They have longsuffering
    c. They have order and steadfastness of faith in Christ
    d. They have a heart for Paul’s missionary journeys

19 - What is that “ Special Family Time” Called?
    a. Family Picnic
    b. Family Bonfire
    c. Family outing
    d. Family Devotions

20. What special roll did Nymphas play in the Colosse church?
    a. He was a deacon
    b. He was the pastor
     c. He brought the Sunday School treats
    d. The church met in his house

21. Where can we learn more about Onesimus?
    a. 1 Timothy
    b. Hebrews
    c. Philemon
    d. Philippians

22. What does the word “agape” mean?
    a. To love someone
    b. A love for others that is completely other-oriented
    c. To play with your friends
    d. To obey your parents

23. How long (approximately) did it take to send the letter of Colossians from Rome to Colosse?
    a. 4-7 days
    b. 1 year
    c. 10 years
    d. 2-4 months

24. Rome to Colosse is about the same distance apart as:
    a. Pinedale, WY to Thayne, WY
    b. Salt Lake City, UT to Thayne, WY
    c. New York, NY to Thayne, WY
    d. Southern California to Thayne, WY

25. What are the names of the “friends” in your Sword Study who are going to point out special things to study?
    a. Bob, Joe, Sally
    b. Alex, Hunter, Abigail
    c. Nathan, Eric, Elizabeth
    d. Paul, Timothy, Mary

26. What is your favorite ice cream?
    a. Vanilla
    b. Chocolate
    c. Cookies and cream
    d. None of the above

27. What can you do the next time you want to do something that you know would not please God?
    a. Pray for God’s help to run from the temptation
    b. Nothing
    c. Talk to your parents
    d. Both a. and c.

28. Which words are some of the key words used in Colossians 1?
    a. Give thanks, praying, firstborn
    b. Summer, ice cream, water fights
    c. God, Christ, His blood
    d. Both a. and c.

29. How often did Paul say he was praying for the Colosse church?
    a. Once a day
    b. Once a week
    c. Once a year
    d. Continually

30. In other letters Paul wrote, he mentioned that he was praying for that specific church as well. Do you think Paul prayed more than most Christians pray today?
    a. Yes
    b. No
    c. Maybe

31. Why did Paul write the letter to Colosse?
    a. Because he was bored in jail
    b. Because he felt like it
    c. Because God was telling him to
    d. None of the above

32. Why was Paul and Timothy giving thanks to God? (Colossians 1:3-5)
    a. Because of the hope which is laid up for you in heaven
    b. Because they knew they needed prayer
    c. They weren’t! Colossians 1:3-5 is a different part of the letter
    d. Because of their faith

33. How are the believers to live / walk? (Colossians 1:10)
    a. Fast
    b. Slow
    c. In the darkness
    d. Worthy of the Lord

34. Who is a great person to look up to according to your week one introduction ?
    a. Joshua
    b. John
    c. David
    d. Moses

35. Does believing something in our head mean we believe it in our heart?
    a. Yes
    b. No
    c. Maybe

36. What does Paul pray in Colossians 1:9?
    a. That you may be filled with love and peace
    b. That you may be filled with joy and happiness
    c. That you may be filled with knowledge and spiritual understanding
    d. That you might be filled with your daily bread

37. Who should walk worthy in Colossians 1:10?            a. Alex, Hunter Abigail
    b. The Colossians
    c. Paul and Timothy
    d. Paul , Timothy, Epaphras

38. What kind of strength does God give us according to Colossians 1:11?
    a. Super Man strength        
    b. Pop-eye the Sailor Man strength
    c. His glorious power
    d. Spiritual strength

39. What is one example of adoration to the
    a. Thank you for saving me
    b. Please forgive
    c. I want to pray for
    d. You are the only One worthy of praise

40. God gives us His strength because...
    a. He wants to help us do right
    b. He want to help us take out the
    c. He wants us to be a super hero
    d. None of the above

41. According to Colossians 1:12. Why is Paul
giving thanks?
    a. For the faith of the Colosse church
    b. Because he had a very grateful heart
    c. Because he felt like it
    d. Because the Father has qualified us to be sharers / partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light

42. Is there any mention of when God saved / rescued us from the power of darkness according to Colossians 1:13
    a. No
    b. In the very beginning
    c. In the last days
    d. When we pray
43. What is an example of thanksgiving?
    a. Please forgive me
    b. I want to ask you for
    c. I adore you
    d. Thank you for letting me read Your Word

44. What is an example of Confession?
    a. Please forgive me for...
    b. I pray that ____ gets feeling better
    c. You are the most Holy Lord
    d. Thank you for saving me

45. How do you find Key Words in a passage?
    a. Read the text
    b. Look for words that are important to the meaning of the passage
    c. Look for words that are repeated
    d. All of the above

46. Can key words be little words like, “in”, “for”, “since”?
    a. Of course
    b. No way
    c. Maybe d. I don’t know

47. What is the purpose of Cross Referencing a verse?
    a. To make my Bible Study homework take even longer
    b. To help me learn more information that supports the original verse
    c. Both a. and b.
    d. None of the above

48. What do you think Paul means when he says we’ve been delivered from darkness?
    a. God has rescued us
    b. God has turned on the light in our room         c. God has placed us in heaven where there is no darkness
    d. I’m going to have to ask my Dad and Mom about this one.

49. Did you have fun filling out the Key Word Decoder?
    a. Yes
    b. No
    c. I’m not there yet
    d. I don’t care

50 - Who did the Israelites mumble and grumble against?

    a. Joshua
    b.  Job
    c.  Moses
    d. Paul

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