Friday, May 21, 2010

Time to Grow

Friday, last week I was able to get these four Packman broccoli plants planted. My garden is large enough I don't use formal raised beds. I just rake the dirt up into a raised bed. By walking around the bed it will compact the dirt around it even more. I also planted 2 Walla Walla plants on each side of each broccoli plant. At one end of the broccoli is radish and oregano seed and at the other end a mix of leaf lettuces and spinach seeds.

Last Saturday, Mr. Wonderful, spent hours rototilling the garden for me! I then hurried and planted the Little Marvel Peas in three double rows. That means each raised row has a row of seed toward each edge. This works well with peas when it comes time to put up the string.

Since Sunday it has rained everyday through Thursday noon. No need to water those baby plants!

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