Monday, May 24, 2010

Playing in the Dirt

Thursday night and Friday's chore was to get these potatoes in the ground.

As you can see they were ready! I had put them out to chit in the basement. (To chit is to let them be in a cool to warm area with some light so they start growing sprouts.)  Maybe because we are wet in the Spring or maybe because we are cooler, the potatoes seem to do much better here if I chit them before planting.

I dig a hole for each potato plant one shovel width wide. And put the seed potato in the bottom. The perfect size seed potato is about the size of a chicken egg. Then cover it with loose soil. But not filling the hole. When ever the plants get at least 4"-8" taller than the dirt I will hill the dirt around the plant. Eventually it will make a large mounded row of potatoes. The potatoes I harvest are between the seed potato and the top of the mound.

There are 78 Russets planted and 57 Yukon Golds.

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