Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day Memories

First, for Mother's Day, Mr. Wonderful bought me a pass to the Vision Forum, Faith and Freedom, European Online Tour! It is 14 days of following church history through Europe–From Rome to Scotland. It has been very, very informative, intriguing and thought provoking! Go here to check it out. There are only a couple of days left to register. But the videos will be accessible to sometime in July. And you get MP3's of the tour!

After church, there was a phone call from my son and his wife in Texas wishing me a Happy Mother's Day.

Then Mr. Wonderful and myself went with dear son #4, who still lives at home and bought that shiny red truck for a drive on some back roads.

We thought we would see how far we could make it around the back side of the lake. Here we found snow on the road.

So we backed down the mountain to find a place to turn around and took a different road.

Here are some of the scenes and the creek where we stopped.

Oh, yes, we found mud too!

When we arrived home dear son #3 his wife and our oldest granddaughter, who they had picked up on their way were at the house. They decided they should catch their calf Marie and give her her ear tag.

The cows thought they should rodeo! Don't mess with our babies!!

Here three of them have Marie, but she doesn't want an earring–silly girl!

For something quieter to do they loaded up some hay to take to the horses and last year's heifer and steer.

Our oldest granddaughter doesn't want to miss any of the fun. She actually wanted to get in the round pen with the cows and calves!

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