Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Current Quilt Project-Churn Dash Baby Quilt

With a grandbaby due in June. It was time to get started on a baby quilt. I went with "girl" colors, because I already have a "boy" quilt in the linen closet. I thought this glittery fabric with summer bugs was adorable. Even the matching stripes on the back are glittery.

The pattern for the block is "Churn Dash" I did three blocks across and four blocks down with a glittery variegated purple border. (Our granddaughters have a purple bedroom.) I just started quilting it by hand with a varied-pastel thread. I plan to outline each of the colored pieces in the block. And then I would like to put bugs in the white on white spaces.

Baby quilts seem to go so fast, because they are smaller! And because they are smaller, they can be worked on in the car.

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