Monday, January 4, 2010

Sewing Class-Pillowcase Project & Instructions

This fall I was asked to help with a sewing class of homeschool girls. The girls range in age from upper elementary to high school. We started in November with a pillowcase project. All 7 of the girls made a pillowcase-some more than one.

The pillowcase taught how to sew straight seams. There was just one corner to turn.

It was fun to see each girl's individuallity in what she picked for her fabrics. Flannel and calicos were used. There was everything from Christmas to camouflage!

I didn't get pictures of some, because the girls already were using them!

Here are the Pillowcase Sewing Instructions:

These instructions will make one standard size pillowcase approximately 31” x 20”.
Make King size approximately 36” long.

Fabric Requirements
Calicos or flannels work well.
3/4 yard for body of pillowcase* (Border or lengthwise prints need 1 1/4 yd.)
1/3 yard for end of pillowcase
1/8 yard for accent strip (or 1 1/2” wide trim 42” long)
* Directional prints should run horizontally. Thus a lengthwise or border print will have the 41” cut along the selvage.

From 3/4 yard, cut one piece 27” long by 41” wide.
From 1/3 yard, cut one piece 10” long by 41” wide.
From 1/8 yard, cut one piece 3” long by 41” wide.

Read instructions thoroughly before continuing:
1. Press the 3” x 41” accent strip in half lengthwise, wrong sides together. Strip is now 1 1/2” x 41”.

2. Press, the 10” x 41” end piece in half lengthwise, wrong sides together. Strip is now 5” x 41”. Fold the 1/2” seam allowance on one long edge of the end piece to the wrong side. Press.

3. Use 1/2” seams for the entire pillowcase. Sew folded accent piece or trim to the right side of the 41” length of the pillowcase body fabric. Right sides together. Sew the end piece of fabric, unfolded, along the same edge over the accent piece. Stitch on the accent’s seam line.

4. Press the seam allowances toward the opening end of the pillowcase. Press accent piece toward body of pillowcase and end fabric toward the opening of the pillowcase.

5. Fold pillowcase right sides together along the length of the pillowcase. Match seam of accent piece. Keep end piece unfolded. Sew the bottom and length of the pillowcase. Trim corner. Use a zig-zag stitch or serger to finish the seam edges.

6. Turn the pillowcase right side out. Press seam.

7. Turn the end strip at the 5” fold to the inside of the pillowcase. Pin the folded edge of the pressed seam allowance in place. Matching seams. Finish the pillowcase from the top using a decorative top-stitch or hand-sew using a slip stitch.

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