Friday, December 4, 2009

Hunting for a Christmas Tree-a Munger family tradition

Sunday afternoon, the family got together to cut Christmas trees. Once everyone arrived at the appointed forest, we chose a "road" to drive back into the trees. There was only about 6: of snow, but there were some big ruts to maneuver. Our two youngest sons like to "shoot" down the Christmas tree. Here dear son #3 and his fiancee are prepared. (They had just become engaged that afternoon. Can you tell by their smiles?)

One year we decided to go cut Christmas trees and I was not prepared in the way of snacks. All I had was fudge and Pepsi. It became a family tradition–you must take fudge and Pepsi now.

Here are granddaughters enjoy snacks of crackers, cheese, apples, and of course…Fudge and Pepsi in the protection of the truck.

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