Friday, November 6, 2009


We found a much better alternative to renting several motel/hotel rooms while down in Texas for Dear Son's wedding. Mr. Wonderful and I wound be there for most of a week. Who wants to spend that many nights in a motel? Our dear sons who still live at home were flying in for just Friday-Sunday. Married dear son #1 and his family and my parents were driving in and it depended on roads when they would arrive. Also friends from Oregon were driving their camper. We found a perfect match.

After several internet searches for long-term vacation rentals in the areas we needed to be, we came up with a 2 bedroom cabin in Holly Lake Ranch. Holly Lake is one of those full-amenity, private lake and golf course communities. With more activities and things to do than we had time for. The couple who own the cabin have been very sweet to work with. This cabin even had an RV pad with water and electricity for our friends in the camper the night they were with us.

The cabin was clean and quiet. No worry about the one year old crawling on the floor. And the two year old had fun out under the trees finding acorns and watching the deer. We enjoyed making our own meals in the kitchen and on the grill.

Here we are out on the front porch before leaving our separate ways to head home.

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