Monday, November 16, 2009

Thanksgiving Ideas

Before I start posting on Christmas preparations at our house. I thought I'd share a few Thanksgiving ideas.

We have done the whole "Feast" thing. Everybody dressed up and shared about the pilgrim or indian they represented. We played period games, had a pie contest, quizzed the kids on their Thanksgiving knowledge, and made crafts.

One of the games we did is based on Scattergories. We made our own list of questions, but still use the special Scattergories alphabet die and timer. Remember you can't use a word twice. And if someone else has the same answer it gets zero points.

1. A traditional food.
2. A traditional activity.
3. Sport that takes placeon Thanksgiving.
4. Place to go.
5. Name someone at first Thanksgiving.
6. Weather word for Thanksgiving.
7. Thanksgiving decoration.
8. A person you spend the day with.
9. A feeling you have on Thanksgiving.
10. A word that describes the cook, that night.

Some ideas to help generate gratefulness we've used is to make a paper tree on the wall. We then have large fall colored paper leaves available. When visitors enter our home during November, they are asked to put something they are grateful for on a leaf. It is then taped on the tree.

Last year I made a twig tree in a decorated coffee can. Each place setting had a placecard with appropriate Bible verse and a die-cut leaf. Guests were asked to write something they were thankful for on the leaf and put it on the "tree."

I'm in the process of looking for a new idea for this year.


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