Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rehearsal Dinner-Food & Friends

The Rehearsal Dinner was our responsibility. It was held at the home of the Bride's father. (The Reception food was the other groom's family's responsibility and the brides' family pitched in with both!)

Robynne a very dear friend, preps the brand new coffee urn bought by the brides' uncle.

People started to gather about 6:00 p.m. There was a bon fire going, picnic table for those who needed a place to sit, and plenty of room to walk around and talk with others.

When the wedding party arrived about 6:40. We rang the dinner bell-a heart shaped one made by son #3 for a wedding present to son #2 and his bride. After welcoming everyone and prayer we all dug into the food. Everyone seemed to be in agreement with granddaughter #1 who kept saying, "I'm hungry."

Menu was:

Ranch Beans
Barbeque Shred on buns with toppings of:
sliced cheese
dill hamburger chips
sliced red onions
more barbeque sauce


Cookies for dessert-
Peanut Butter
M & M Cookies
Munger Mom Chocolate Chip Cookies

Here dear son #2 and his bride eat with the Best Man and his wife.

Dear friends David and Ellie. Their family drove from Oregon to Texas to attend the wedding. They were a great blessing to us!

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