Thursday, July 16, 2009

Advice for the New Mother-in-law

It must be in the wedding season of life for us. We have about six weddings this year. It makes sense, our children are between 22 and 30 this year. So their friends are about that age. And our friends’ children are about that age.

Having already been down the mil road a few years, I’ve been asked for advice. Here are my three tips, two don’ts and one do:

1. Don’t give advice without being asked specifically.

2. Don’t assume. Ask them if you want them to come for dinner, a holiday, a birthday. Don’t assume they are available. The new couple needs to have space to become one.

3. Do pray for them. Pray daily for them. If you are praying for them like you should, you’ll be able to do the above.

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