Friday, November 7, 2008

Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss

I mentioned while back I was re-reading Stepping Heavenward. It is one of those books God has used to teach me much about myself and His love. Each time I read it I learn and grow more. Because reading a book slowly is a challenge for me (I like to gobble it down!), I am going to go through the book at the rate of one or two chapters per post. Please bear with me, this is mostly for my edification.

By writing a fictitious journal biased on her own life, Elizabeth helps women identify with her heart cravings to be the best woman, a godly woman in spite of being a daughter of Eve.

As a young woman we hold to high ideals. Yes, we want to have heroic character; yet we do not understand it will take trials to forge that godly character in our life. In Chapter One, Katie our heroine wishes for “…some easy way of growing good. In fact I would like to have God send a sweet temper to me just as He sent bread and meat to Elijah.”

In our instant culture we are easily caught in Katie’s wishes. “Lord, please fix this now!” Not realizing how much richer our lives are when God walks us gradually (I know I am too slow of learning to go faster.) through the process of refining our lives, forming us into His beautiful creation.

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